René Hugo Arceo: Arceo Press → Dia de los Muertos - Gallery, 2008
 René Hugo Arceo, painter and multiartist
Arceo Press: Dia de los Muertos - Common Ground (2008)

  I wanted to organize an international collaboration on the theme of death for a while. Since this is such a universal topic, not only would everyone have something to say about it but, the way in which each artist would tell it, and the meaning and symbols each artist could use would be vastly different and rich. This was the year when I finally asked a group of friends if they would be interested. The response was a robust yes! What is the deadline and what are the parameters? Soon we were all at work drawing and sketching ideas for our prints.

Read an announcement article in Valley Morning Star, October 28, 2009
("World of Art: International artists to show prints at Harlingen gallery")

  This portfolio includes 20 artists from United States, Mexico, France, Canada and Spain. The prints included were done by artists with distinct experiences and cultural traditions. There is great diversity of life experiences and perspectives towards death which are reflected in this suite of prints. For example, there are serigraphs done by artists from Mexico living in Chicago and in Seville, Spain; a linocut done by a Japanese artist living in Toronto, Canada; linocut print by an English artist living in Paris; and other prints done by artists living in their respective or adopted countries.

  This unique collaboration offers a window of opportunity to look into the diverse perceptions of death artists bring to this graphic project. Through these prints some artists interpret death in a spiritual and a way of recalling the deceased relatives with the recreation of a traditional altar/ofrenda. In other cases artists make use of playful skeletons, in the Jose Guadalupe Posada style, to pock fun at life, sexual encounters, to criticize political leaders and drunkenness. Yet others make use of more ritual-like and profound cultural symbols to allude to the essence; the natural cycle of life and death.

René Hugo Arceo
Project Director/Printmaker
Arceo Press, Chicago, Illinois, USA
May, 2009

The 20 participating artists are:

Meiko Ando (Toronto, Canada)
Réne Hugo Arceo (Chicago, USA)
Arturo Barrera (Chicago, USA)
Mizraim Cárdenas (Morelia, Mexico)
Mario E. Castillo (Chicago, USA)
Nicolás de Jesús (Chilpancingo, Mexico)
Roberto Ferreyra (Chicago, USA)
Celeste Jaime (Morelia, Mexico)
Javier Lara (Chilpancingo, Mexico)
Fulgencio Lazo (Sattle, USA)
Kristin Meller (Paris, France)
Dolores Mercado (Chicago, USA)
BettyAnn Mocek (Chicago, USA)
Véronique Murail (Paris, France)
Oscar Moya (El Paso, USA)
Francisco R. Onate (Morelia, Mexico)
Marcela Ramirez (Morelia, Mexico)
Rodrigo Tavera (Seville, Spain)
Gabriel Trinidad (Chilpancingo, Mexico)
Claude Aimée Villeneuve (Montreal, Canada)

 Dia de los Muertos 2008 
 Common Ground 2008 - poster

 Réne Hugo Arceo: Roots of Life, 2008

Réne Hugo Arceo: Roots of Life
 Claude Aimée Villeneuve: Defunctos Ploro, 2008

Claude Aimée Villeneuve: Defunctos Ploro
 Francisco R. Onate: La Ofrenda, 2008

Francisco R. Onate: La Ofrenda
 Roberto Ferreyra: Calavera Festiva, 2008

Roberto Ferreyra: Calavera Festiva
 Meiko Ando: Circle, 2008

Meiko Ando: Circle
 Arturo Barrera: Escaping Death, 2008

Arturo Barrera: Escaping Death
 Nicolás de Jesús: Ratas del mundo, 2008

Nicolás de Jesús: Ratas del mundo
 BettyAnn Mocek: Z Bohom, a Piš, 2008

BettyAnn Mocek: Z Bohom, a Piš
 Celeste Jaime: Las Catrinas, 2008

Celeste Jaime: Las Catrinas
 Javier Lara: Zitlala, lugar de estrellas, 2008

Javier Lara: Zitlala, lugar de estrellas
 Marcela Ramirez: En la Velacion, 2008

Marcela Ramirez: En la Velacion

 Oscar Moya: Vejigante, The Last Temptation of Sali, 2008

Oscar Moya: Vejigante,
The Last Temptation of Sali
 Véronique Murail: Rendez-vous au cimetiere, 2008

Véronique Murail: Rendez-vous au cimetiere
 Dolores Mercado: Xolos en camino al Mictlan, 2008

Dolores Mercado Xolos en camino al Mictlan

 Mario E. Castillo: Death has Been Calling Us Ever Since Humans had Tails, 2008

Mario E. Castillo: Death has Been Calling Us
Ever Since Humans had Tails
 Fulgencio Lazo: Todos Santos, 2008

Fulgencio Lazo: Todos Santos
 Rodrigo Tavera: Día de Muertos, Matadero, 2008

Rodrigo Tavera: Día de Muertos, Matadero
 Gabriel Trinidad: Y el viento los trajo de vuelta, 2008

Gabriel Trinidad: Y el Viento los Trajo de Vuelta
 Mizraim Cárdenas: Vispera, 2008

Mizraim Cárdenas: Vispera
 Kristin Meller: Pura vida, 2008

Kristin Meller: Pura vida

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