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Homage to Carlos Cortez
 Rene Hugo Arceo, 1998 
 Homage to Carlos Cortez, linocut

Homage to Carlos Cortez, linocut, 1998/1999
069. 10.25 x 18 linocut - $100 USD (Edition of 50) - Purchase
"Carlos A. Cortez has been and continues to be a spiritual and artistic guide for me.
As a printmaker I identify with him and feel he is my connection to the great Mexican
printmakers Leopoldo Mendez and Jose Guadalupe Posada. I admire him for his independent
thinking and convictions, the way he brings understanding to the reality of the barrios
through his prints, poetry and activism. I depicted him with his well known calaveras,
coyote logo signature, and other graphics he has created. I wanted to capture an easiness,
enjoyment, and happiness in his face and surround him with the images he created.
I wanted to capture the spirit of a realized individual content and satisfied with his life
and contributions. This piece was printed by artist/ master printer Tomas Bringas
at the TALLER MESTIZARTE in Chicago, Illinois." - R. H. Arceo

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